My Journey with TestEvents and Rob - 2014

It has been great pleasure working as volunteer with Rob van Steenbergen

How it Started?
Test events was a good website. It gave opportunity to know about testing events across the world.

Why i approached?
When i like to do something, I just do it from heart !

Was there any invite?
No invite.

I just took a step ahead myself, I approached him personally.
"Can i volunteerly help you?" 

How is the Journey?

Journey started from January 2014..

Firstly, he mentioned: Yes! - You can send out Conferences if missed.
Then again: There was an idea: Can we share - Conference videos and Podcast's for the events which happened.
He accepted my proposal and It started till December 2014.

Why Test Events is stopping ?
Rob wanted focus on his testing stuff. 

How was the Experience?

It was a good learning in my life, where some one has specially thanked me.

Journey Ends on .. 12th December 2014.

Vote of Thanks..

I wish Rob and his family, a good health and good life in his career.

Looking forward for "New - Test Events"

Hang on ! - Still website is available now. 

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Shell Scripting - How many days left for New Year 2015

Learning new stuff from my friend -Command Line Scripting

How many days left for New Year?

PS C:\Users\srini_000> New-TimeSpan -Start 15/12/2014 -End 31/12/2014

Days              : 16
Hours             : 0
Minutes           : 0
Seconds           : 0
Milliseconds      : 0
Ticks             : 13824000000000
TotalDays         : 16
TotalHours        : 384
TotalMinutes      : 23040
TotalSeconds      : 1382400
TotalMilliseconds : 1382400000

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Skills for a Tester

Short Notes from my learning's:

  1. Questioning Skills - To get information or for clear understanding based on previous experience / existing knowledge.
  2. Story Telling - Ability to describe concepts, research questions, and ability to translate complex ideas into common terms.
  3. Testing Software as a user perspective.  -- Point to be noted, Tester is also a USER.

Testers may not write a code / do performance test - But they must use testing techniques to test the system to provide valuable information, which we PROMISED to CUSTOMER.

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